The front punch, other wise known as the "jab", is one of the most basic of all techniques, however to perfect it requires a number of key elements. It is simple enough just to punch but to do so with speed and accuracy requires a great deal of practice. Boxers do not simply just throw their fists out and hope it works. Niether do kickboxers.


To perform the perfect front punch a number of elements must be considered. These are:

  • A punch starts at the feet so the legs must be bent and ready.
  • As the punch goes forward shift your weight slightly forward over the front leg (do not over balance).
  • Do not punch to far. Aim to hit about 2cm into your target. Over reaching will unbalance you, and leave you unable to recover and vulnerable to attack.
  • As you punch rotate the arm slightly inwards. This twisting motion increase the power of your punch by letting gravity work with you it also fully utilises your reach.
  • And finally recover your punch. What goes out at 1 speed must come back 10 times faster to protect from attack and stop your opponent grabbing (potentially) the arm.
  • All techniques should be practiced under the supervision of a qualified instructor.