Some styles refer to this kick as the turning kick but we'll stick to calling it roundhouse kick. This technique is performed by picking up your left rear leg if you are in right "ready position". To perform the roundhouse kick simply rotate your body 160 degrees with your knee up and cocked and your guard ready in position. Then from the knee you fire a kick. Pow! Recovering it back and then placing your foot down behind you where you started from. This is good practice as it is always good to recover a technique after using it and get back to your ready position, where you started from with your guard up. Also with this kick you can do multiple kicks, any thing from one to twenty. When doing ten to twenty kicks it's about practicing balance and co-ordination. These can also be done slowly to improve the strength and stretch of your legs, improving your ability to perform this movement. Taking the position and kicking correctly is all to do with body mechanics, timing, extension and understanding how your limbs work with your balance co-ordination and flexibility, not forgetting strength.:

  • As you start the kick change your guard bringing your left side forward
  • Turn your right foot and body outwards as in the diagram.
  • The higher you lift your knee the easier the kick will be.
  • Point your foot, you are aiming to strike with the shin or instep.
  • Do not strike with your toes. This may lead to an injury.
  • Keep your guard up.
  • All techniques should be practiced under the supervision of a qualified instructor.