Front, Reverse Punch
Again, we are starting in the left ready stance .Using the front punch, strike with the lead arm first followed immeadiately by your opposite arm. To do this, punch with the left hand and then as you pull it back begin your reverse punch with the righ, the two punches should pass in mid flight and you should immeadiately recover the last punch back to the ready stance. This combination works as a one, two punch ie: a quick left, right, or, if you had your right leg forward in south paw position it would be a right, left. The front punch and the reverse punch are known as straight punches, these punches tend to be long range although they can still be performed in close quaters by shortening the reach of the punch.


Things to consider when performing the front, reverse punch technique:

  • Good technique / form is the key
  • Forward motion - Pushing your weight slightly forward will increase the reach and power of the punch.
  • Rotation - The movement starts at the feet, through the legs, rotating the hip and then shoulder forward releasing the punch.
  • Speed - Enables you to generate more power, move more fluently and recover easier.
  • This technique can be performed in mulitples.... 2, 4, 6, 8,10 etc.
  • All techniques should be practiced under the supervision of a qualified instructor.